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How to Trade the Weekly Options thumbnail

How to Trade the Weekly Options

  How to use Weekly options in your trading (options that expire every week)  Just because weekly options have a very short life span, do not be mislead into thinking they are "easy money" by simply selling them to collect the premium because they decay at the speed of light.  Weekly options have both positive [...]

Diagonal Spreads – how they measure up thumbnail

Diagonal Spreads – how they measure up

  Download the slides  Diagonal spreads are one of my favorite tactics to use.  I like to view them as "Vega Adjustable" credit or debit spreads. Unlike a simple "Vertical" spread, a Diagonal spread can be constructed to have either slightly long Vega, or medium long Vega and even large amounts of positive Vega.  I can [...]

Option Trading and Margaritas thumbnail

Option Trading and Margaritas

In case you didn't know it, Feb 22nd is Margarita Day! Here are a few fun facts about Margaritas: There is no proof of who invented the Margarita; the most accepted story is it was invented in October 1941 at Hussong's Cantina in Ensenada, Mexico by bartender Don Carlos Orozco. Margaritas can be served in [...]

Free Members Web Site Updated thumbnail

Free Members Web Site Updated

We updated our Free Members Web Site. We updated the CBOE Settlement Data for NDX and RUT and added SPX data! Here's the October data SPX settled at 1739.84 +15.95 0.93% - Maximum this change this year was 109.54 7.09% - Average change was 50.32 3.19% - Standard Deviation was 31.00 1.98% - Average plus [...]

Perhaps You’ve Invented Nuclear Money thumbnail

Perhaps You’ve Invented Nuclear Money

I had to laugh at this quote from Nigel Farage. He was at the EU Parliament in Brussels recently and said "Perhaps you've invented nuclear money." He was referring to the idea that a Pound or a Euro spent at European level was worth more than a Pound or Euro spent at National level. Of [...]

Can you handle a big market move? thumbnail

Can you handle a big market move?

A friend shared a video of wingsuit base jumping and I loved it. It looks like so much fun, but very dangerous at the same time. You typically jump off of a cliff or a helicopter to start your jump. The jumper ends his jump with a parachute fall. They plan a way to safely [...]

Download Tony's Diagonal Spread PowerPoint Slides Get the slides here..